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DJ Drops for professional DJs | MyDJDrop
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Make your audience BEG you for more…with MyDJDrop!


  • Everyone will know exactly who you are.
  • Our Custom DJ Drops are different because they produce awesome results.
  • We give you extreme power to kick off your session and kick up a mid-session boost
  • Our DJ Drops crank up the energy level in the room so your audience has even more fun.


When done right, your DJ Drop pumps the heart of your audience in anticipation. MyDJDrop makes your audience want you, remember you, and gives them a sense of familiarity – absolutely what every DJ wants!

Our DJ Drops are created by a real DJ, not some inexperienced audio engineer. We know what works to give you maximum heart-pounding impact. Intros, Outros, Mixsessions, our custom production uses original imaging producing the impact you desire. Protect your brand!

Rob Nadigel here. My professional DJ name is DJ Emotion. I’ve been a DJ for over a decade and traveled the world with my profession.

Listen to my samples. I make it easy to order, only from MyDJDrop.comTM.

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When you order, enter your script on the next page after you click Buy Now.

1. Type in your script, what you want the drop to say, and any other info you want us to drop

2. As soon as we get your order, we go in the studio and start banging out your drop.

3. You will get your DJ Drop via the email you used to place your order, in a High Quality, HD, MP3 file.

4. DJ Drops can take up to 48 hours to produce. Order Express Delivery service to get it faster.

5. All drops are top notch quality, by a professional DJ and can take some time since we want to get them right! Thank you for your patience.

See to get more gigs and make more money.